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OCgazebos Wedding Rentals, Orange County Wedding Arches

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   Highlight your  wedding ceremony with OCgazebos!       Select from 35 arches, arbors, "altars", chuppahs, canopies, mandates, gazebos, and columns.            Available: Draping, Fresh or Silk Floral Decor.


Delivery, set up, and removal: 24/7

Several arches, are available for pick-up in your SUV with generous turn around times. 

All quotes are written with delivery fees set according to the specifics of each order and location.

Wedding Rentals, Weddiing Arches, OCgazebos

Orange County Wedding Arches

Select from 36 structures to rent:
     Arches, Canopies/Chuppahs, Columns, Gazebos    Arch Rentals,Florist, Sandee Felix, 714 658 9233

For more information, tell me about your event.

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